3 Must-Haves when Moving from one Colorado Springs Home to Another

Moving can be a stressful time for anyone.  Moving from one Colorado Springs home to another is substantially shorter travel distance, which definitely lowers the stress level, but it’s still never easy to shift everything you own from one place, boxed up, and unpack it somewhere new.  Here are some must-have items to make sure that you have on hand when you move this summer.

1. Keep your tool box handy and plenty of box cutters

This one is super easy to forget until too late.  It’s common to need a screw driver or two to remove hinges from doors to fit that bureau in the room.  Maybe you’ll find that the entertainment center doesn’t quite fit in the front door with the top on.   In addition, you may discover little irritations like a loose wall plate or cabinet knob that are just simpler to fix right away.  Regardless of why you need the tools, you’ll find them to be indispensable to you during your move.

Box cutters are a valuable time saver to pack in your tool box when you’re gearing up for your move.  You’d be surprised how much energy gets wasted trying to muscle open one box after another!  This is especially true if you’re searching through boxes for a missing set of bolts for the bed frame or a couple of extra pairs of gloves.

2. Remember the measuring tape and have several

According to the Houselogic experts, most homeowners own 1 tape measure and that can get really irritating to work with if you’re trying to work on multiple move in projects.  It’s generally a good idea to have at least two tape measures (one for upstairs and one for downstairs) when you’re moving in. After all, nothing settles the “do you think the couch will fit here?” question like measuring the space before you heft the couch over to check.

Using a measuring tape to determine what will and won’t fit in one area of a room or another can really save your back during a move.

3. Have a large tarp on hand with some bungee cords

When making a “cross town” move from one part of Colorado Springs to another, homeowners are more likely to choose a smaller moving truck and shift the rest of their belongings in a pick up, according to several truck rental reps.  That’s why it’s a good idea to have a large tarp and bungee cords on hand.

Colorado Springs has been experiencing a series of rain storms in the afternoons and evenings, which means your belongs could get wet if you aren’t prepared for it. A large tarp and some bungees can be the difference between sleeping on a damp mattress or a dry one this summer.

Why bungee cords and not rope?  Well,  bungees are quick and easy to secure, so if you suddenly start getting wet, you can quickly secure the tarp!