3 Things You can Do to Sell your Home Quickly

Most of us base the rate that our home will sell on how quickly, or slowly, our neighbor’s home sold.In most cases, we know roughly what the home was worth and looked like, but that’s about it.Depending on why we’re selling, our neighbor’s timeline might be putting us at ease, or it might be scaring us away from selling right now.If you’re looking to sell your home, here are 3 easy things that you can do to sell your home faster than your neighbor’s!

  • 1.Update Landscaping

Most potential owners make an emotional connection with a property within the first few minutes of a showing.That’s why landscaping and curb appeal are constantly be trumpeted in real estate blogs.Landscaping really helps a buyer make an emotional connection with a home.You want to tap in to the buyer’s desire for change.They want to live somewhere new and landscaping can help them feel the newness that they are craving.

Remove dead vegetation, trim away dead branches and leaves, and refresh mulch to start with.Next, replace, repaint, or update edging. You can also create a very fresh feel by using plants to create eye catching layers in beds, around trees, and sporadically in the yard.Try out colorful flowers like petunias at the lowest level, then place ferns, lilies, or grasses behind them to make green backdrop.You can use this sort of structure effectively around a tree or in the beds around your house to catch attention.

If you’re looking for inspiration, try this: go online and look at houses in you’re the same price range as your home, pick out your favorites look at the first picture.Do all the homes you’ve picked have similarities? Most likely, they are all landscaped and you can start to draw out the appealing characteristics from those pictures to help you craft the most appealing landscaping.

  • 2.New Paint and Flooring

Fresh paint feels clean and new and helps a buyer envision the possibilities when they look at your home.You don’t have to stay white on white, but try to be neutral when repainting so a buyer feels like the home is clean and crisp.If you’re looking for inspiration, check out websites like HouseLogic and Better Homes and Gardens for ideas on colors and accents to make your home more appealing.

Flooring is a big selling point.Update your carpet or refinish those hardwood floors. According to HouseLogic, many younger homeowners are opting for lower maintenance flooring like the new, realistic looking laminates as opposed to wood floors.Depending on your price point and to whom you’re attempting to appeal, you may have many more flooring options than you previously thought!Talk to your Realtor about what homes in your range have available and what buyers are asking for to make good decisions on flooring.

  • 3.Move out and Stage

I don’t think anyone really likes to hear this one, but if you can, move out and have your home staged.Why?It honestly has more to do with showing availability than anything else.You’ve got a better chance of selling your home if buyers can see it and if they can see when they need or want to.If a buyer’s agent calls to set a showing and the answer is yes, especially if it doesn’t require approval, then that home is more likely to be seen.The minute that it takes multiple phone calls to show a property, it lowers the appeal of a home because it becomes tiresome to buyers to try to show it.

As long as you’re thinking about this third option, consider having the home professionally staged.I recommend this one regardless of if you decide to move out or not.Buyers want to feel the potential of a property, but they also want to see how furniture fits into the home and feel the flow of décor from room to room.By creating an experience for the buyer inside the home, you’re more likely to receive offers.