4 Quick Tips for Showing Your Colorado Springs Home this Winter

Winter is a beautiful time of year in Colorado Springs.Your picture windows and gorgeous views are accentuated by snow coating the mountains.Your fireplace really pops when it’s on and filling your home with that perfect Colorado winter feel.Here are some tips to keep your home beautiful while showing this winter.

Plan for wet or melting shoes

This one may seem pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to overlook!Having a plan for dealing with prospective buyer’s footwear will make sure that you aren’t battling dirty carpet.If you haven’t already, update your showing instructions to include a notation to remove shoes.Have a designated rug or easy to remove tray to keep the shoes.Rugs or trays are far easier to clean than your carpets and less hazardous than wet hardwood or tile.

Cheer up your home for the holidays

A cozy and festive home is welcoming during colder months, just don’t go overboard.Avoid jingle bells on doors, since they can snag clothes and scratch finishes.Decorate, but remember to keep those cherished keepsakes safely packed away.Be judicious with your decorations, too, adornments that are too large or too numerous can be distracting. Try turning on soft classical music or instrumental songs to complete your holiday staging and engage more of the buyer’s senses.

Keep up the curb appeal

Winter curb appeal is all about keeping up with snow removal, clearing away debris, and welcoming in potential buyers.Keeping your driveway, sidewalks, and walkways free of snow and ice is the first step.Keep an eye out for broken branches or unsightly debris, including pet waste, since melting snow tends to reveal these things.Finally, check out your windows from the outside looking in—does your home look cheerful, warm, and inviting?

Show off your energy efficiency

Welcome buyers in from out of the cold with a cozy home.It’s the right time of year to show off your energy efficiency by highlighting your fireplace(s), programmable thermostats, and nice windows.A home that feels warm will be more appealing to someone who just came out of the cold.Cozy lighting on a gray day will make buyers linger to examine your home.