5 Fall Maintenance Receipts to Save when Selling Your Colorado Springs Home

It seems like summer went by very quickly, especially with the extra rain and cooler temperatures that we experienced.Colorado Springs is verdant and lovely, but there’s a chill to the night air that reminds us that fall is around the corner.It’s time to start planning those Fall to Winter maintenance items to keep our houses in top shape.This is even more important if you’re going to be selling your home this fall and winter.In fact, completing the items below and saving your receipts can help you immeasurably during the sale of your home.

  • 1.Winterizing your sprinkler system Winterizing, or blowing out, your sprinklers must be done or there’s a huge price to pay on the other end when you go to restart your watering cycle.Hire a professional company to blow out your sprinklers and save your receipt.This way, you have proof that a professional completed the job and you can assure the buyers that your system was handled correctly.
  • 2.Clean your gutters Nobody really likes cleaning out the gutters, but it’s a necessity so that winter snowmelt drains away from your roof quickly.A home inspector will check them anyway, so you might as well have them cleaned and ready to go before your house goes under contract.If you usually have a professional handyman handle this, save your receipt and other paperwork just in case.
  • 3.Inspect your roof This fall maintenance item is one that most of us forget until we start experiencing a windy day.Have a professional inspect your roof and pay for a certificate this year, you’ll go a long way to selling your home more quickly because it shows that you’ve taken good care of it and that one of the most important parts of the home, the roof, is in good condition.
  • 4.Get your furnace serviced Your furnace hasn’t kicked on since May, so it’s probably going to be a little smelly when you first turn it on.Rather than worrying about it, just have your favorite furnace technician change the filter, perform all needed service, and issue you a receipt.This can save you having to scramble later to get the furnace serviced right before closing.
  • 5.Have your fireplace(s) serviced A professional will be able to certify that all the components are in good working order, the chimney is free of blockages and the damper is working appropriately.If you have a wood burning fireplace, a professional will be able to clean the chimney of creosote, or other obstructions and insure that you don’t smoke yourself out with your first fire.Save your receipts so you can properly disclose when the chimney and fireplace(s) were serviced and by whom.