6 Low Cost Tasks to Complete Before You List Your Colorado Springs Home

6 Low Cost Tasks
to Complete Before You List Your Colorado Springs Home

I get asked questions frequently about what you should do to your home before we put it on the market. There are lots of opinions out there from decorators to home inspectors that will help you, but that isn’t usually what people mean when they ask me what to do. Sellers are wondering today; right now, what they should do before I come out to take pictures of their home. This often means that we have 72 hours or less to make these improvements and they need to know now! So, I have compiled a very short and easy list of the things to do to your Colorado Springs home now:

1. Clean the Windows

Colorado Springs is famous for its view. What sells many homes here? The view. Make sure that you dazzle buyers with crystal clear windows. They show up in pictures and can make the difference between making the showing list or not.

2. Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

It’s amazing how the camera picks up the subtle changes in carpet and something that looks clean to the naked eye can look a little worn in a picture. I recommend to sellers to have their carpets professionally cleaned so their pictures turn out pristine and exciting to buyers.

3. Deep Clean and De-clutter the Kitchen

Homebuyers are looking for the heart of the house to be somewhere they can envision numerous family breakfasts. By de-cluttering the kitchen, you make sure that home buyers can imagine their mixer and dishes in place of your own. They will be moving in mentally long before their first showing!

4. Organize Your Closets

Storage space is a big deal to most buyers. They want to be able to store things with ease, so it’s important to put your storage spaces on display in pictures. Closets should be organized and uncluttered to invite buyers in.

5. Sweep the Garage

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it often gets lost in the selling shuffle. Vehicle tires drag in debris constantly and the wind can push it around the garage each time the door is opened. I recommend sweeping the garage often to keep it looking nice and you get an added benefit—your carpets will have less dirt tracked in if the garage is clean!

6. Check the Light bulbs

I can’t say how many times I’ve run across this one. It’s easy to forget how much a difference that 1 light bulb can make in a room, but in a picture, it’s the difference between usable or not. Rooms that we forget to check light bulbs in are often the bedrooms, walk-in closets, and the kitchen. So, check light bulbs and have a few on hand in case you need to quickly switch one out when it’s picture time.