6 Tips for Your Spring or Summer Move in Colorado Springs

You’ve listed your home and showings seem to be happening every waking moment.  Maybe you’re already seeing offers and it’s looking like you’ll be moving into your new home before too long.  Well, it’s time to get packing, right?  Before you start tossing books into boxes, read these 6 tips to make your next move just a little easier!

1.       Decide on Full service, partial service, or DIY move.

Whether this is your first house to house move, or your fiftieth, you don’t have to do it on your own with a pick up truck and a prayer.  There are options available from a full service packing and moving company, to paying someone professional to do the heavy lifting, or even renting a moving truck.  Decide in advance if you want to be the person packing the boxes, or lugging the oak dresser up to the second story of your new house.

If you are opting to have professionals help you, make sure you check out their insurance, consumer ratings, and reputation in the community.  Know exactly what is expected of you and in turn, what you should expect.  Most moving companies clearly list their expectations and limitations on their website, but always refer to your actual contract with them.

2.       Be strategic about packing.

If you’re selling your current Colorado Springs home, you’ve probably already packed away many fragile and precious momentos in order to properly stage your home.  Now that moving day is approaching, it’s important to make sure those fragile items don’t get shoved to the bottom of the pile just because they are already packed.

More packing tips:

  •  Pack books in very small boxes to make stacking and carrying easy for everyone
  • Clearly label boxes by content and future room location
  •  It’s tempting to wrap fragile items in towels or other linens, just remember to label the box appropriately so you don’t forget what’s in there
  • Packing your wardrobe can be tricky in Colorado Springs, remember to save a fleece or sweater for moving day just in case.

3.       Plan on childcare.

Moving day will be stressful, there’s no avoiding it, just minimizing it.  We often forget how stressful it can be when little ones are left unattended.  It’s downright dangerous because the doors will be propped open, boxes will be piled up, and children can be hard to keep track of while lugging furniture and boxes.

One Colorado Springs seller recommended hiring a babysitter to hang out at the new house with the kids and play games in one of the rooms.  She said, “I hired my best friend’s eldest daughter for the day to watch my 2 year old son.  They played in his new room and he took a nap there.  Once he got bored, they walked down to the park nearby and explored there for a while.  It was so nice to have him taken care of and getting to know his new home”.

4.       Consider pet care as well.

It can be very stressful, and occasionally ineffective, to put your dogs in a strange backyard or basement to keep them out of the action.  Shelly M recently had an unexpected problem with her Puggle: “I put Snort in the backyard of our new house while we moved in the couches and other big things because she was a nervous wreck.  I hadn’t realized that she could fit through the gap between the gate and the fence!  The next thing I know, I see Snort running up the ramp of the moving truck towards my husband, who couldn’t see her.  I almost died right there!”

It’s so easy to lose a pet in the shuffle of feet and furniture that it may be best to consider a daycare facility or asking a friend to pet-sit for a day before getting your pets acquainted with their new home.  It can also make the transition easier because they will come into the new home with familiar furniture already there!

5.       Keep track of small parts.

Some items have to be taken apart for the move.  The usual strategy is to tape them all to the piece of furniture, but that isn’t always effective, especially if you’re not personally moving each piece.

Take small screws, bolts, washers and the like and place them in plastic baggies that are clearly marked.  Keep all the baggies together in one place and personally take them to your new home.

We recommend placing all those baggies somewhere like a purse or computer bag because those are rarely out of sight on moving day.

6.       Take pictures of electronic hook ups.

Hooking up TVs, Blu ray players, game systems, and the like differ from system to system.  Take pictures of the hook ups before you disconnect the system and clearly label cords.  Bundle cords in large plastic bags together.  Once you arrive at your new home, you can send that picture to whomever is setting the system up (isn’t it nice that you don’t HAVE to do it all yourself this way?) and give them the appropriate bag of cords!  You can also print out the pictures and place them inside the plastic bag with the cords.