Buying Your Colorado Springs Home

According to recent research from, home purchasers are most successful when they clearly outline their needs and wants.From there, a good Realtor will help you prioritize your top 5 needs and top 5 wants.Once you’ve found homes that appear to meet those needs and wants, you can start looking at them and making selections.Did you know that there is a mathematical percentage that can help you decide if you should put an offer in on a home?It’s true!If you find a home that meets 80% of your top needs and wants, then you should put in an offer.

The hard part is usually found in creating the list.This can be especially challenging in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area because your needs and wants may change based on location.For example, if you’re wanting to live in Chipita Park, a fireplace most likely goes on the “Need” list because you definitely want an alternative form of heat from electric in the event of a power outage.On the other hand, if you’re looking for a home in Rockrimmon, a fireplace probably goes on the “Want” list.

What types of things should you put on your “Need” and “Want” list?Here’s a checklist of items to think through.Once you’ve decided if an item is important to you, go through and divide the items into “Needs” and “Wants”, then rank them.Bring your checklist to your Buyer Consultation and we can review everything and find a home that meets your Needs and Wants here in Colorado Springs!

Family Size: Adults: Children:

Prefer: Home Condominium Town home Duplex/Triplex

Approximate Square Footage:

Approximate Age of Home:







____Family Room

____Formal Dining Room

____Combination Dining Room

____Wooded Lot

____Air Conditioning

____Swimming Pool








____Hardwood Floors

____Public Transportation

____Utility Room

____Breakfast Area



Elementary School:

Middle School:

High School:


Proximity to work

Proximity to school

Proximity to shopping or other conveniences

Proximity to medical facilities