Use Color to Draw Buyers into Your Colorado Springs Home

Every home has a few drawbacks or quirks, but you don’t have to invest loads of money to complete structural changes!  In many cases, you can use paint to lighten, warm, enlarge, or draw focus.  Paint is a powerful and low cost option to help you make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

As you begin to change your home’s look and feel, be sure to sample your colors in large swatches on several different areas of the room.  Natural lighting, as well as the placement of lamps, can change the tone and saturation of the paint.  Check the paint throughout the day, too, because paint can look different.  Finally, be sure to evaluate your reaction, and the reaction of a couple of other people, to the proposed colors.  Does the space feel cozy, or is the openness enhanced?

1.       Enlarge Your Family Room with Color

Painting with white, cream, pastels, or cool colors (think of tints of blue or green) reflects light.  This creates the illusion of more space.  Paint trim similar to the walls, or use a white trim to visually expand the room.  Painting the ceiling bright white will lift the ceiling.  Monochromatic schemes will amplify the dimensions of the room.  Lack of contrast makes a room seem more spacious.

2.       Creating Intimacy in your living room

When a space feels huge and impersonal, you’ll want to draw the walls inward and add a cozy series of warm colors.  Coziness comes from using darker hues that absorb light.  Using a flat finish overhead will help make high and vaulted ceilings less lofty and cold.  If you have a sparsely furnished room with lots of windows, you can make it appear more comfortable by choosing red-tinged colors.

3.       Create a peaceful master retreat

You can increase the feelings of restfulness and calm in your master bedroom with a quick change of paint colors.  That tranquility can help sell your home faster.  A palette of soft, understated color or muted tones will achieve your goals.  Try pale lavenders, light grays or greens, and wispy blues.  Pair that with sheer or flowing drapes for a peaceful retreat.

4.       Define your mouldings and fireplace

Dress your crown mouldings and trim in bright white to pop against a colored wall.  Use high sheen paint to create a crisp edge and clean lines.

5.       Dress down and Camoflauge

Not everything deserves to be center stage—conduits, radiators, electrical plugs, and the like.  Conceal unappealing elements by using a low-contrast palette in low-sheen or flat paint.  Unless the walls are smooth, avoid using high gloss paint because it reflects light and calls attention to an uneven surface.

Paint is a low-cost, easy way to emphasize your home’s assets, giving focal clarity to your best design features and creating an appealing emotional connection for prospective buyers.